Friday, April 27, 2012

Like to visit the Mexican states where the vineyards are grown, from Baja California to Queretaro, from Coahuila to Durango ?

Discover the seven states in Mexico where the grapes are grown in significant quantities.

  These are
   -   Baja California, Sonora (Wine region North)
   -   Coahuila and Durango, which together form the area of vineyards known as La Laguna (the lake),
   -  Zacatecas, Aguascalientes and Queretaro (Wine region Center).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Support Baja Wines    

Located in the northern part of the State of Baja California, the Baja California Wine Country is blessed with some of the most ideal Mediterranean climate for grape growing. There are very few microclimates in Mexico that combine the very unique characteristics of elevation, soil, season, and temperature..


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wine tasting in the Adobe Shopping Mall in Ensenada.

Roganto and Malagon wineries have formed a partnership with their wine tasting room and wine bar in the Adobe Shopping Mall on First Street in Ensenada. This cozy wine outlet is located inside a modern shopping plaza originally designed for the cruise ship guests who walk along Lopez Mateos (First) with an additional side entrance at #69 Gastelum. Adobe Shopping Plaza is centered between Ruiz and Gastelum at #490 First and features thirty foot tall entrances and ceilings, modern sculptures, artwork, custom jewelry, and specialty gift items. 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do you know the history of Mexican wine production ?

The history of Mexican wine production begins in the 1500s, when Hernan Cortes and his conquistadors exhausted their supply of wine while overthrowing the Aztecs. He ordered the colonists to plant 1000 grapevines for every 100 native “employees.” (Needless to say, “that mensch” is not something you hear people say about Cortes.) The Spanish conquistadors had vines brought over for religious mass, and more likely, wash down their food. With failed attempts to grow grapes in the more tropical regions of Mexico, the first grapes, known as Criolla (the mission grape of California and the Pais grape of Chile), were successfully planted in the Parras Valley of Coahuila. Growing in Puebla and Zacatecas soon followed. The first Mexican wine estate, Casa Madero, was founded in 1597 by Lorenzo Garcia in Santa Maria de los Parras in Coahuila and still exists.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Discover the Mexican wine situation

Mexican wine is fast becoming another success in the international drinks market, following the remarkable popularity attained by Mexican beer. A combination of modern technology and wine-making expertise has resulted in the production ofhigh class wines in Mexico that are rapidly breaking into international markets