Saturday, January 28, 2012

Explore Mexico's wine country (NY Post)

SEVERED heads. Mass graves. Kidnappings. Drug wars. The grim news pouring out of Mexico these days is starting to make Yemen look like the Italian Riviera.

And so it was with sweaty palms on the steering wheel that I crossed the border last month just south of San Diego, at the start of a visit to the wine country of the Baja peninsula.
I checked the State Department travel warning and learned that, in sketchy places, it’s best to “keep a low profile” and “don’t wear expensive jewelry.”

I rented a “low-profile” black Nissan at the San Diego airport and slipped my Swiss Army watch into my pocket. I thought about buying a sombrero at the border so that I’d blend in with the locals. But the one that caught my eye — lapus lazuli blue with pink fringe — didn’t make me look like a Mexican. It made look like a pinata. So I wore my low-profile yellow “Lion King” baseball cap instead.

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