Friday, July 22, 2011


I am a wine & food writer for several media in the Netherlands. As such, I am also interested in the latest information about regions, producers etc. you represent.

For some 20 years I have been the guest of many consortia during tastings, press trips, seminars and other presentations.  In Holland I participated in numerous events, sometimes as a visitor, but more often as moderator, member of a panel, the jury or organization of these events. More details on my work and position can be found in my attached CV.

I would like to know if you can inform me about the latest news and possible events organized by you, like press trips, tastings etc.

If you are interested in educational and promotional events in Holland, please let me know. Based on my experience and network including the best importers, top-quality restaurants, several media and other professionals as well as consumers, I’m sure I can be of assistance in these matters.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards

Fred Nijhuis
Your favorite Dutch winewriter

Senior writer for:
- The Wine & Food Association
- DSV Media

Fred F.A. Nijhuis
Wilhelminastraat 22
4176 BN Tuil

Do you have Mexican Wine region maps ?

I am opening a wine bar in New Haven CT  called Cave a Vin.  I was wondering if you had any wine region maps that I could put on my wall.  In addition, if you have any info on Mexican wine regions such as pamplets, hand-outs or anything I would love to have them.  

My cafe is going to consist of small tables, couches, etc. It's going to be a comfortable place where people can sit around and just drink wine, read about wine regions/trails to visit, etc.  I would love to include anything from Mexico you can offer me.  

I am registered in the State of Ct as Cave a Vin, LLC if you need to confirm my status. I am especially interested in wine maps that I can put on my walls!
My mailing address is:
Linda Fitzpatrick
173 Cooks Lane
Guilford, CT 06437 USA
Thanks so much.