Friday, August 05, 2011

Visit a mexican winery this summer : Monte Xanic

Monte Xanic: Located near the town of Zarco, 25 miles northeast of Ensenada, this winery is less than two decades old, but has quickly gained a reputation as one of Mexico's finest and is credited with putting the country's wine on the map. The winery produces three lines: Monte Xanic, Calixa and the Gran Ricardo, which has a limited production of 1,500 bottles and is only bottled in Magnums. The winery has received many awards, among them a bronze medal at the 2000 Challenge International du Vin in Blaye-Bourg, France for the 1998 Monte Xanic Chardonnay. The 1995 Monte Xanic Cabernet Sauvignon received a Gold Medal and the Civart Prix d'Excellence in the 1998 challenge. For more information, visit

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