Monday, June 20, 2011

The perseverance of Mexican wine makers!

First introduced to Mexico by missionaries in Baja California, Mexican wine had a rocky start. A Jesuit priest, Father Juan de Ugarte, took charge in 1701 of the Loreto mission, and it was he who planted the first grapevines on the northern baja peninsula, which is well within the large wine growing region shared by California wineries.

Until recently, the only reputation that Mexican wines were able to establish around the world was that they were inconsistent at best. Over the past decade or so, big Mexican wine industries such as Pedro Domecq, Bodegas de Santo Tomás and L.A. Cetto, concentrated their efforts into the production of fine Mexican wines with an emphasis on quality and consistency. More recently, small boutique Mexican wineries, such as Cavas Valmar, Monte Xanic, Bodegas San Antonio, and Chateau Camou, started making very fine Mexican wines in small batches, attaining a level of excellence never before seen in Mexican wine. It appears that the new standard in Mexican wine quality is working, as some of the finer Mexican wines are now being exported to the United States and Europe.

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