Saturday, May 28, 2011

Which wines does Mogor Badan Produce ?


Red wines made :

  • Mogor Badan Cabernet-Merlot

  • Mogor Badan

White wines:

  • Mogor Badan Chassellas de Badan

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Discover a Mexican winery: Monte Xanic

In 1987 five partners founded Monte Xanic with the intention of producing the highest quality wines and establishing a new benchmark for Mexican winemaking. The name and logo of the winery came a visit to the winery after a spring rain. After the rain the entire valley was covered with beautiful desert flowers which led to the name Monte Xanic which means in Mexican and Indian - the first flower that blooms on the mountain after the rain. Monte Xanic is recognized as Mexico's first boutique winery.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Everything Old is New Again: Wine in Mexico & Turkey

Mexico is the oldest wine producer in the New World. Spanish soldiers and priests brought wine grapes with them,  The first evidence of wine production dates from 1521 (I see a 500 year anniversary celebration on the horizon). Conquistador Cort├ęs ordered that new settlers plant grape vines (1000 vines for every 100 persons, according to the Oxford Companion to Wine), thus spreading Spain’s wine culture throughout the New World empire. Wine production in Mexico grew so successful that King Felipe II of Spain order a stop to new production in 1699 in an effort to protect Spain’s domestic wine industry.

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Mexican Wine is Harvesting Recognition!

Mexico is world know by the quality of the drinks that go with its food. Whereas we talk about unmistakable tequila or the extraordinary mexican beer. In the case of Mexican wine, though not as world reknown as those drinks, follows the same path of world quality and acknowledgement. Mexico has always had excellent natural conditions for grape growing and wine production is not a novelty. It started since the Colony, but was forbidden by Felipe II, King of Spain in 1595, given that its quality and quantity threatened the wine producers and distributors of the old world. So, during centuries, wine production was limited.

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