Monday, November 23, 2009

Gourmet experiments. Traditional Mexican Candy paired with Mexican wine

I want to share a very interesting experience that I just had at the L.A. Cetto wine boutique here in Mexico City.

My friend Berith Tinajero, director of La Bella Época, and Pablo Torres from the L.A. Cetto wine boutique, invited me some weeks ago to a very unique event: a traditional Mexican candy tasting with wine pairing.

There is so much to tell about this interesting experience, that I'm going to divide it up into two blog posts. This first one shall be dedicated to the white wine experience.

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Book about Mexican Food

Ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Torsten Rahn and write an essay that will appear as a brochure or book, on''The Wine Country Mexico-Local Food and Recipes''.

Some info I have, but I need the latest available statistics, wine law changes and everything that has to do with wine from Mexico. I would be glad if you could help me with my project. I take everything that has information material related to food and wine from Mexico. Happy to e-mail or post. For incidental postage I come to you.

Hoping to help and friendly greetings

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Lookingfor Icaro wines


I am looking to buy Icaro blend of Merlot/Shiraz - Do you have a website address?
Muchas Gracias, Jessica


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Puerto Vallarta offers the best of Mexican boutique wines

Puerto Vallarta real estate offers incredible variety when it comes to food. In addition to many other options, this city is well known for its place that it holds in the world of high cuisine. A part of this culture is the fine selection of wine which Puerto Vallarta offers. Not only does Puerto Vallarta offer its residents the best selection of wine from around the world, but it also offers the finest selection of Mexican “boutique” wines, coming from Baja California.

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Mexican Wine Country Vacation Guide!

Whether you have visited California’s wine country and are looking for a different experience, or have always dreamed of taking a wine-themed vacation, visiting the Baja region of Mexico allows for some of the best wine tours and accommodations. While winemaking is not indigenous to Mexico, thanks to Russian entrepreneurs, over time the Valle de Guadalupe region has been known as Mexico’s premier exporter of fine, locally-grown wines.

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