Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Explore Mexican Wine on Gina Naya's blog

If you’re a wine lover planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta (or anywhere in Mexico,) this is the blog to read. Gina Naya's Blog details the best of the local wines (who knew?), wine restaurants, as well as smart food pairings that will have you shunning reposado and shouting "me gusta la vino roja de Mexico!" (Don't judge me, my Spanish is quite rusty.)

Naya describes recent wine events featuring such goodies as Catena Zapata wines, the Argentine wine push into Mexico, while sharing photos from a recent trip to Mexico's premier winery, Castillo de las Minas. Naya, no wine novice, describes each wine’s nose, body and ideal food pairings from her tastings there.

Naya obviously is a cheerleader for her city, region and country – and especially for the artisan winemakers – but her enthusiasm and beautiful photos make it a site to see prior to a journey (or weekend trip) to sunny Mexico.

Here is the blog: http://www.g-naya.com/

Xcaret Park Wine Cellar-A Tribute to Mexican Wine

If you are a wine lover, you will have the time of your life discovering the truly delicious Mexican wine at Xcaret Park´s newly constructed Wine Cellar. This Xcaret attraction is located beneath the park´s Main Plaza and features hundreds of Mexican wines for tasting and purchasing. Visitors that wish to enjoy this Xcaret attraction will be offered a Wine Cellar Tour or an extravagant meal in the special cellar dining room featuring various wine labels from the Mexican states of Baja California, Zacatecas, Coahuila and many more.

The Wine Cellar at Xcaret Park which its original name is “Vino de México” stocks nearly 3500 bottles in more than 160 Mexican labels which include famous wineries such as Casa Madero, Santo Tomas and Domecq. The Xcaret Wine Cellar was designed to share the history of Mexican wine, as well as encouraging visitors to try many different wines. Xcaret´s Wine Cellar is the only one in the world that stocks Mexican wines exclusively.

Article continues here: http://www.experiencexcaret.com/xcaret-attractions/xcaret-park-wine-cellar-a-tribute-to-mexican-wine/