Thursday, September 17, 2009

Greetings from California,

My parents recently visited a winery for the wine festival a few weeks ago. They loved it and really want me to visit. I live in Humboldt County in Northern California. We are a small community with a few local wineries and the giant Redwood Trees. I love wine and visit every winery I can in California--Both Napa and Sonoma Counties are very close by.

My mother also mentioned the dinner served to everyone. I am really excited and can not wait. My only concern are the Styrofoam cups that were given to my parents to drink wine out of--yuck. I am hoping when I visit I am not drinking wine out of one of these cups but severed the proper way, one can not swirl the wine and smell the nose, look for legs, and taste it effervescence in a plastic cup. I would love to learn more about your wine club. I have yet to drink your wine. My mother has purchased a bottle for me and I cant wait. I am very happy to know that Mexico has been growing grapes overfive hundred years. Viva Mexico y la pan dulce!

Thank You,Lorena Perez

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