Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guateque wine event, Mexico (2/4)

Two interesting features this year was a nice presentation of regional micro-brewed beers (cerveza) and an abundance of Zinfandel wine. Labricha Cerveza Artesanal had an excellent table presentation with a fine selection of handcrafted beer, staffed with knowledgeable personnel. Their Monasterio Stout, is smooth, full-bodied, with hints of coffee and smoke flavors, that would pair-up nicely with oven-baked lamb and many mole dishes. In addition, they make a palate-pleasing light honey ale, bright golden color, clean, refreshing, with floral aromas, ending with a smooth finish with a hint of ginger. I’d love to match this brew with carne asada, or shrimp in coconut milk sauce.

To be continued ...

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