Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guataque wine event, Mexico (1/4)

This annual wine event is probably the most enthusiastic and “down to earth” wine country event held each year in Valle de Guadalupe. The focus is on emerging winemakers, beginners, artisans, home-brewers, small operations and intermediate-level producers. This year’s event was enhanced with the use of the new multi-use activity center generously provided by Viña de Liceaga in San Antonio de las Minas. The overall event planning was brilliantly orchestrated by Leonardo Lizárraga and friends. It is remarkable to note that these events continue to advance and improve vastly with each season. The food venues, tickets sales, parking, sanitation, stage, live music, dancing area, gazebos, security, and table seating made for a fun, family-oriented event. One obvious element was that you could really feel the “enthusiasm and spirit” as you approached the grounds, filled with a diverse mix of people, micro-brewed beers, regional culinary delights and newly produced wines.

To be continued...

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