Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Casa de Piedra Winery, what and where ?

This project was born with the desire to produce an excellent wine for the enjoyment of the group of people whose interest and enthusiasm lay in the initiation of the winery. At Casa de Piedra, we have endeavored to make our "Estate Wine" using the grapes from the area and its diverse microclimates. Utilizing the latest technology combined with the expertise and sensibility of our winemakers, we have attained a level upon which, each bottle exclusively reflects the personality of the land.

The vineyard is located at km 93.5 in valley of San Antonio de las Minas, Baja California. The Casa de Piedra and its vineyards, is uniquely situated, lending its geometric rhythm and harmony to the vines. The building has an intimate farmhouse ambiance, but is well equipped with small capacity stainless steel tanks complete with computerized processing control, a semi-gravitational system and underground caves. Eight years have passed since our first harvest, and we have received high acclaim of our wine both nationally and internationally.

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