Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Paralelo, an Innovative Winery for a Contemporary México!

Hugo D´Acosta, one of the star winemakers of Ensenada started Paralelo Winery thinking on the people that wanted to make it´s own wine.

It was born as a property/partnership project that allowed people to participate directly in the wine industry and experiment what it is to be part of it.

The name Paralelo is used because it´s a Parallel project to Casa de Piedra, the other winery from Hugo D´Acosta; it uses the same varietals, the same assemblage, but at the same time it´s completely different. What makes it different? The essence of the valley, each peace of land transmits to the wine it´s own characteristics: the terroir.

Continues here: http://www.g-naya.com/2009/05/22/paralelo-an-innovative-winery-for-a-contemporary-mexico/

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