Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mexican Wine: Adventures in Wine Tasting

I had a great time staying out at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay in Mazatlan. They put on a Wine & Cheese Tasting class on Thursday afternoon featuring Mexican wines. First up was a 2007 Casa Madero Chardonnay from Coahuila which was light and crisp with a light pear flavor. We moved on to a NV La Cetto White Zinfandel from the Guadalupe Valley in Baja which had a strawberry and cranberry flavor. Last up was a Casa Madero Merlot that was light a fruity with flavors of plums and red cherries. I can honestly say that all three of these wines produced in Mexico are very enjoyable. The Casa Madero Chardonnay was my favorite of the afternoon and is perfect for those sunny 80 degree days lounging by the pool or with dinner.


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