Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mexican wine regions: Queretaro

Querétaro: One of Mexico’s most prosperous wine growing areas, Querétaro’s vineyards occupy altitudes around 6,500 feet. Sparkling wines make up the bulk of its output, but sauvignon blanc, St. Emilion, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir are also produced here.

This is the home of the Spanish vintner Freixenet’s Mexican operation. Freixenet is best-known for its dry sparkling wines (vinos espumosos, or “frothy wines”) in satiny black bottles, produced by the champenoise method of fermentation discovered by Dom Perignon in the 17th century. The winery also produces still wines, mostly red blends. Cavas Freixenet de Mexico, north of Tequisquiapan, offers guided tours, classes, concerts and festivals throughout the year.

The other major wine estate is Compania Vinicola Los Eucaliptos in Ezequiel Montes. Vinos Hidalgo La Madrilena is a local operation with wineries in the San Juan del Río region.

More information about this (an other) Mexican wineregion(s) here: http://mexicanwines.homestead.com/REGIONCenter.html

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