Monday, February 09, 2009

Giving Mike Dunne a helpful hand with his questions

Hello winelovers of fine Mexican wines,

I'm a California wine writer who spent several days last week touring Valle de Guadalupe for a feature article on the valley's wineries, vineyards and wines. Through a series of interviews I gathered much helpful information, but some gaps in the data remain and I hope you can help provide the additional facts I need:

1) How many acres in Valle de Guadalupe are planted to wine grapes, and how does the total break down by principal variety?

2) Baja produces how much of Mexico's wine, and how much of that comes from Valle de Guadalupe?

3) How much wine does Mexico produce annually?

4) How much of that is sold and consumed in Mexico and how much is exported to other countries?

5) Could you explain how wine is taxed in Mexico?

6) How much wine can Californians take home from Mexico? How much wine can residents of other states take home from Mexico?

7) What is the annual per-capita consumption of wine in Mexico?

8) What is the annual per-capita consumption of beer in Mexico?

I hope to finish writing this article at the end of this week and would appreciate your response by then. Thank you for your assistance. Please reply by e-mail, given that I am in San Jose del Cabo for the rest of the winter and will not soon return to Sacramento.

Mike Dunne


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