Friday, October 24, 2008

Mexican Wines to be Featured at San Diego Bay Wine Event (3/3)

Another examples of the many interesting classes and events are: Arousing the Senses with Chocolate & Vino featuring Master Chef Michael Antonorsi of Chuao Chocolatier held on November 13th, Find the Opus, featuring wine expert John Alonge and the world’s best sake tasting to be held on Friday, November 14th. For more information about these and many more events visit or call Michelle at (858) 578-9463 in San Diego.

Don’t miss this premier wine and gourmet food event on the beautiful harbor side in San Diego. Two events I never miss are the Reserve Tasting on Friday November 14th and the Grand Tasting event on Saturday November 15th. The cooking classes are fun and exciting, the food and wine selections ~ are just incredible. This is probably the best way to discover the region’s best chefs, some of the world’s better wines and see who else is out there enjoying the food and wine culture. Pace yourselves, and enjoy one of the best food and wine shows in the region. See you there...

Steve Dryden is a wine, food and travel writer living in Guadalupe Valley, where he guides private and small group van tours. He can be reached at:

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