Thursday, September 18, 2008

Discover the Wine Cellar “Vino de México” in Cancun

The Wine Cellar “Vino de México” was formally opened on June 27 at Xcaret. Representatives from the most prestigious wineries of the country, as well as other celebrities, attended the opening.

The wine cellar “Vino de México” is designed to share the history of Mexican wine with visitors of the park who will also be encouraged to try the wines. It is the only wine cellar in the world that stocks Mexican wines exclusively.

This amazing place was built under the Park’s Main Plaza by Architect Antonio Portillo, and it represents a one million dollar investment. It is split into three sections :

1. The Sommelier’s office: Here is where the most exclusive vintages are kept. For the real wine buff you can reserve a small table for 10, specifically designed for private tastings.

2. The Round Room or Region’s Room: Here you can admire an exhibition of museum pieces of winemaking, along with the history of wine in México and see all the wines, organized according to their history and geographical origin.

3. TheTasting room: it holds up to 25 people, and it is where the Sommelier will explain the criteria for tasting the wine, the glasses, etc. in more detail. Around 5 different labels, with matching Mexican hors d’oeuvres will be offered for tasting.

The wine cellar will be open to the public this Summer with three guided tours a day each lasting 1.5 hours. “Vino de México” is pleased to stock nearly 3500 bottles in more than 160 proudly Mexican labels thanks to the invaluable support of the main Mexican wineries, like Casa Madero; which has the oldest vineyards in the continent, Monte Xanic, L.A Cetto, Santo Tomás and Domecq.

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