Friday, September 12, 2008

Denominations of Origin for Mexican wine

Mexico is now setting up appellation (Denominations of Origin) names to give their wines some distinction from each other. All is not plain sailing. There are a good few wine makers who will find themselves in less fashionable A.O.C’s.

Any one who knows even a tad about wine will know the whole A.O.C./DO regulations are just a load of rubbish. They have no bearing on quality or good practice. They just show a region and the level of wine that can be produced per hectare and the harvesting/ management system. Neither of which are of a high standard.

You only need to look at France and the fact that Vin de Pays/Table wines are often far better then a lot of classic A.O.C. wines. In a modern world the whole idea of this kind of branding is pointless. I say let the market decided

Source: The wine connoisseur

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