Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Visit the Mexican Winefestival in Baja California

Program of Saturday August 9th

at 9:00 am will be WINEMAKERS VISITS II. The winemakers host visitors at their wineries to taste and describe their wines. Held at various wineries. COST: $35 Dlls.

at noon is TAUROVINOMAQUIA. An incredible event of Bullfighting fiesta with the star from the Tauromaquia featuring music, food and house wines, and celebrating the 120th anniversary of santo Tomas Winery. don’t miss this event! Held at the Rancho San Gabriel, San Antonio de las Minas Km. 95 Carr. Ensenada - Tecate. COST: $100 Dlls.

at 1:00 p.m will be II WINE EXHIBITION IN TECATE - Regional wines exhibition, cheese hors d'oeuvres,and artisan bread from Tecate. Held at the “stunning and gourmet deluxe Restaurante Asao, Tecate, B. C. COST: $35 Dlls.

at 4:00 p.m is one event you should not miss! RUSSIAN MEMORIES Russian theme with music, food and wines. Held at Rancho Toros Pintos, San Antonio de Las Minas or Vinicloa Bibayoff Winery. (please no Cold War spies!) COST: $55 Dlls.

at 5:00 p.m. is VINALIA RUSTICA - A Rock, Reggae, food and wine event held at Vinícola Tres Valles, San Antonio de Las Minas. COST: $50 Dlls.

at 7:00p.m. is "PARALELO" held at Vinícola Paralelo, Valle de Guadalupe,near Cetto winery. COST: $80 Dlls.

Program of Sunday August 10th

VELADA ITALIANA EN VILLA MONTEFIORI -Opera concert with Italian cuisine. Held at Vinícola Villa Montefiori, Toros Pintos, EJ. El Porvenir. COST: $100 Dlls.

at 1:00 p.m is ENSENADA SE VISTE DE VINO - This event is about bringing together the wineries and the city in a family party with food of the local restaurants, new and small wineries and some of the traditional wineries, live music for everyone, tasting and conference of some wineries. Held at Av. Ruiz - entrance at 1st and 2nd in Zona Centro. FREE.....