Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mexican wine country footage

I had the chance to visit 5 wineries last month in the Valley of Guadalupe, which is in Baja California about 70 miles south of San Diego, Cali. A bunch of the family took a weekend cruise down to Ensenada. From Ensenada we took a taxi (20-25 minute drive) up through the valley for some wine tasting adventures. The vineyards we visited this time around were: L.A. Cetto, La Casa De Dona Lupe, Monte Xanic, Liceaga, and Vinisterra.

I've been there several times before, but hitting 5 wineries over about 7 hours was pretty intense (I'm not a spitter). On previous visits I wasn't into wine as much as I am now. I stopped filming after the third winery. Check out the beautiful scenery and random factual tidbits.

Here is the video :

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