Sunday, October 21, 2007

What about Wine shopping in Mexico City ?

In order to do some wine shopping in Mexico City, the best way is to have your buddies giving you some advices.

Just had a thought - we will only be in Mx City for a few days before we go by bus to Morelia and then Patzcuaro. We are devoted wine drinkers and don't know what to expect in Morelia or Patzuaro as far as availability. Any recommendations for a place in Mx city to buy two or three interesting bottles to take with us? Thanks for any suggestions.

Morelia is actually a fairly sophisticated city. I don't think you should have too much difficulty finding good, drinkable wine there. Like the U.S., Costco in Mexico also has a pretty good wine selection. Morelia has a Costco. If you're taking a taxi into town from the bus station just have the driver stop at Costco, run in get a couple of bottles and then head for your hotel. There are also numerous liquor stores around town.

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