Monday, October 08, 2007

A little Bordeaux inMexico

Deeper into the Valle de Guadalupe is the small town of Francisco Zarco. Driving down the bumpy, unpaved road toward wineries Château Camou and Monte Xanic is like stepping into an old Mexican movie set. Horses, goats, dogs and people roam the streets and on both sides of the road, houses and buildings have an authentic "well-worn look."

Entering Château Camou at the edge of town, dusty clay gives way to lush green. Winemaker Dr. Victor Torres is one of the fathers of the wine revolution in Mexico and his Bordeaux-style
wines reflect his time at the University of Bordeaux, where he obtained his doctorate in enology.

"One of the miracles here at Château Camou is the presence of very old vines; many over 60 years old–they are our treasure," says Fernando Favela, whose family owns the winery. Jesus
Rivera oversees this entire process with fanatical pride and guards the esteemed reputation of the winery, whose bottles grace the tables at haute cuisine restaurants throughout the U.S.

A freelance writer and retired international airline captain, Thomas J. Reagan Jr. travels extensively seeking great wines of the world.

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