Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How can I bring or ship wine from Mexico into California?

Hi Giancarlo,

I visited several wineries in Baja California this past weekend and quite enjoyed the experience I purchased from multiple vineyards, some well-established and some not, totaling about a dozen bottles.

Much to my dismay, I had to open and pour out all but two bottles (one for myself and one for my travel companion) at the border. California law is much more strict than the federal law and allows only 1 liter per person, no more, no declarations, and no duty can be paid.

What are the best ways to get my next purchases home? Can I ship via common carrier from Mexico? Two of the locations I visited were not able to ship (I asked) or accept credit cards.
Thanks for your insight!



Hi Greg,

I am really surprised that you only get one liter per person, I can imagine you can go around the border for a few times till you get the 12 bottles in, but that would take a lot of time, I know how long the border crossing can be.Try speaking with a customs agent, they can help you export the wines to the US, maybe this is a way to go.

The wineries should be the ones with the most interested in helping you get the wine to the US, it's their sale after all and if you can't take it home there is no sale. I would go the customs agent way and see what they suggest as they are right there and usually have a good idea of how to do things. There is most likely no duty tax, maybe just sales and alcohol tax to be paid.

Talk to the wineries to see if they have a distributor in the US you can buy from, most don't, but it is worth asking anyway.I am sorry I wasn't that much help, have a great day,


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