Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chabert's Wine-Dinner and Art Auction on August 3rd

Contemporary Artist Stephanie Clair of La Jolla, California will be
featuring her “Romantic Cubism” wine-related art during a special “Artisan
August” wine dinner and art exhibit on Friday August 3rd at Chabert’s
Restaurant in the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Eighty lucky guests will enjoy
dinner reservations along with a silent auction of four pieces, two
originals and two embellished giclees prints.

Stephanie creates amazing art using the matrimony of emotion, cubes and color while sharing her
inspiration from happy, dreamy moments in life that we can all relate to,
but so easily forget. Her inspirations often focus on “ a first love, a last
love, a memory, lovers sipping wine, being enlightened, inspired by sweet
music... those moments are ours to remember- but the speed of time can erase
the memories we all take for granted.” She tries to capture a snapshot of
that moment on canvas. Each painting has a feeling; each feeling tells a
story. Her eyes in the paintings allow the viewer to reach in and connect.
She feels they are the windows to ones soul. In addition, her technique is a
delicate blend of color, technique, imagination, and cubism meant to evoke
mystery and emotion. Her goal is to challenge the viewer’s eye and mind, as
you get lost in a three-dimensional world of people passion and beauty.

Stephanie Clair was raised in upstate New York where she drew her way
through those cold winter days of her youth. After high school she moved to
Virginia where she earned a BFA in painting/design at Old Dominion
University. Influences in her work include Picasso, Matisse, Chagall,
Modigliani, and Kandinsky – hence the bright colors, dreamy people, and
cubist perspectives. To preview her work go to:

The wine dinner and exhibit begins at 6:30 p.m. with advance reservations.
Some proceeds from the event will be used for the medical needs of the
Kumiai in the village of San Antonio Necua. The artisan wines featured at
the “Artisan August” event will be Chardonnay from Roganto (Vides y Vinos
Californianos .S.P.R. de R.L), a clean and elegant wine created in stainless
steel tanks with no oak, paired up the a surprise from the culinary wizards
in Chabert’s gourmet kitchen. Another wonderful artisan creation featured
during this event comes from JC Bravo of Valle de Guadalupe. Mr. Bravo will
present his “famous” Carignan, one of the most stunning artisan red wines to
come out of Mexico’s premier wine growing region of Baja California, paired
up with one of Chabert’s best culinary delights. The evening will conclude
following a superb chocolate dessert matched with an incredible (rare
limited production) Port (Oporto) from Moreno of Baja California. Don’t miss
the exciting, educational wine dinner and art exhibit hosted my Steve
Dryden, Rosy Torres, and JC Bravo.

During the wine-dinner on August 3rd we’ll be holding a silent auction of
Stephanie’s work offering originals and two high quality enhanced prints.
Starting bids will be at $600. These paintings normally retail for $2100 in
her gallery. Some proceeds of the sales will go to fund medical treatment
for members of the Kumiai of San Antonio Necua in Guadalupe Valley.

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