Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ask questions to a Mexican wines' expert

I`m a wine importer (in Mexico) that deals with wine evaluation, how to sell wine on-premise and off-premise. I`m also have a great passion for wine and willing to help anyone that is looking to know more about wine.

Wine is something that should be part of the family table, to me it was always one more thing on the family table. Abuse of anything is harmfull and I see wine very diferently than licor. Please don't ask me whata particular wine is worth, I'm not an expert in this, although there are companies that specialyze in this and can be found at the add on wine magazines and internet.

Giancarlo Boccaloni

Want to raise a question to this expert? Look at more details here: http://www.allexperts.com/ep/1615-56995/Wine/Giancarlo-Boccaloni.htm

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