Friday, December 15, 2006

The vineyard of Monte Xanic

Everything a wine can ever be is in the grape. Through the vine the grapes absorb the characteristics of soil and climate; the grape interprets them while contributing its varietal character.

While the characteristics of the vineyard are natural and cannot be reproduced by technology, it can be used to allow the grapes to develop their full potential. This is why at Monte Xanic the vineyard is cultivated with both traditional and modern techniques in order to obtain the maximum expression of our vineyard. One of the most important aspects is controlling yields, sacrificing volume for quality.

Each vine is pruned to yield a limited number of grapes, but each one of these has a high concentration of flavors and aromas which will be revealed in the wine. Monte Xanic also leaves prune and branches to reduce herbaceous aromas. Drip irrigation controls the amount of water that goes into the vineyard, and we protect the vines from birds with nets, as they not only make off with part of the crop but damage the remaining fruit.


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