Friday, December 29, 2006

Calixa wines from Monte Xanic: White, Rosé and Red

White: Chardonnay

A young wine marked by intense fruit and hints of vanilla and spices.Both a cocktail wine and a dinner wine, it is ideal to serve with cream-based soups, oysters Rockefeller, wild mushroom risotto, cheese fondue, or chicken in a pipián verde chili sauce.

Rosé: Granache Rose

Presents a salmon pink color that is both brilliant and luminous and offers aromas of strawberries and melon and hints of citrus (manderin). It is a fresh wine that is easy to drink.It can be served alone or to accompany light dishes such as fruit plates, pastas, rice, and poultry. This wine compliments both Oriental and Mexican food..

Red: Cabernet Sauvignon

A young wine with a silken palate, Calixa Cabernet Sauvignon is characteristic of the grape variety and is distinguished by its taste and its rich aroma of black cherry, raspberry and black currant.Upon observation against the light, the wine displays a deep, dark, brilliant red tone with violet-colored scintillation.It is an excellent wine to accompany grilled beef and game, including duck, goose, venison and wild boar, pastas with red sauce, or a Mexican mole poblano sauce.

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