Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Import and export mexican wine

I'm contacting you in regards to wine distribution in the United States, in particular, the state of Texas. As you may know, the state of Texas has some of the best Mexican food restaurants in the United States. I have traveled quite a bit around the US and noticed that most states have a hard time matching up to the great Mexican food restaurants in Texas. I have also noticed that although Texas offers outstanding Mexican food, we can not say the same about the Mexican wines offered.

Many wines that are offered in Mexican food restaurants currently are your typical wines that any restaurant would carry, most originating out of Napa Valley and display the typical American winery name. I find this to be disappointing and others that I've spoken with agree with me on this issue.

If Mexican wines were to be brought into the Texas market, I believe the success rate would be significant. More and more restaurant goers are now taking part in wine consumption and eventually I believe the US will carry on the European tradition, where wine is apart of every dinner meal, from households to casual Friday night dinner with the family.

The reason I'm contacting you is because I would like to know if you currently use a distribution company in Texas? I'm looking at starting my own wine distribution company focusing solely on Mexican wines. My place of residence is Houston, Texas. Because Houston is such a large city, there are many, many ethnic restaurants available, with Mexican being one of the largest. Because of this correlation, I think that Mexican wines would go over very well with the routine Mexican food eater.

If you do not have a sole distributor in Texas and would like to talk further with me about starting a distribution in Texas, please contact me by email or by phone. I would appreciate any correspondence, even if it is not to become a distributor. Thank you.

With best regards,

Andrea Boots
713-665-1061 (home)

More information here: http://mexicanwines.homestead.com/ImportExport.html

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