Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wines of Baja California: Touring and Tasting Mexico’s Undiscovered

The first comprehensive book on Mexican wines published in English. This modern account starts with a preface by Dimitri Tchelistcheff, former Technical Director at Bodegas Santo Tomás—oldest winery in Baja California, and a historical prologue by Dr. Enrique Ferro, whose father was the first Manager at Santo Tomás.

Each winery is described by location, contacts, size, production, and winemaker’s name. Winery history, winemaker notes, and vineyard-fermentation techniques follow. Tasting notes and suggested foods for currents wines are included.

Sections on Wine-Related Terms, Grapes of Baja, Wine Festivals and Events as well as information on where to eat, rest, and read more about this exciting region will assist the visitor. Included are a brief history of winemaking in Mexico, from the shocked Cortés, “No Rioja?” to the dauntless missionaries and the mysterious Mission grape. Directions, travel tips and special attractions make this book ideal for the wine enthusiast and the armchair traveler.

Wine Appreciation Guild, ISBN: 1-891267-65-5, Paperback

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