Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Marketstudy Mexican wines 2005

Snapdata's Mexico Wine 2005 report provides 2004 year-end market data, with 2005 estimates and five-year forecasts.

The report gives an instant overview of the Mexican wine market, and covers red, rosé and white wines, champagne and sparkling wines, fine wines and others.Market size is based on apparent consumption.The data is supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of interpretation and analysis.

Mexico Wine 2005 forms part of Snapdata's Alcoholic Drinks industry coverage.

Page 3 - Executive Summary
Page 4 - Category Definitions
Page 5 - Market Size by Value (2000-2004)
Page 6 - Market Segmentation by Value
Page 7 - List of Main Players
Page 8 - Company Websites (Main Players)
Page 9 - Market Forecast by Value (2005-2009)
Page 10 - Socio-Economic Data for Mexico
Page 11 - Sources for Further Research

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